Vote on course time change

We need to make some adjustments to the course time. Later this semester (actually, coming up soon), we will have to start at 2pm sometimes because of interference with visiting job candidates. So we need to decide how to handle this. Please take this poll and tell me your thoughts!


2 Responses to “Vote on course time change”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I probably screwed this up. I voted, then clicked on the “Check Results here” and it said 100% one way (but I voted the other way). So I thought that something must be wrong so I clicked back and voted again. This time, it indicated 75% one way and 25% the other. I did this the other day though, not now.
    The reason I am here today is that I wanted to know what would happen to the labs if we went permanent (would they be moved to 1pm?). And are the results available for viewing or do we find out in class. Hey, this is my very first web comment!

  2. Steve Borgatti Says:

    I think Ginny’s thought was that — when possible — the lab would move to 1pm. However, sometimes that’s not possible because we have dept of management events going on until 2pm (that’s why the class had to be moved in the first place). On those days, lab will have to be after class.

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