New course with networks component

Fall 2010


CLASS HOURS:  T 3:30-6:00

This seminar is intended to acquaint students with theory and empirical work related to organizational communication and organizational innovation as they relate to Clinical and Translational Science (CTS), especially T-2 or higher translations. CTS developments have been perhaps the major new policy initiatives at the National Institutes of Health, but they also reflect a very general concern with the slow diffusion of research, innovations, and best practices in a number of settings (e.g., education, agriculture, business, and so on). The course will provide students with an overview of traditional organizational communication approaches to innovation focusing particularly on diffusion of innovations frameworks, which rely heavily on network analysis, which are often termed dissemination in CTS approaches. The course will conclude with a discussion of models for organizing research programs in CTS innovation and the future of innovation and CTS research.

A major resource for the class will be a book length case study on the Cancer Information Service Research Consortium, whose membership included a number of subsequent leaders of the Clinical and Translation Science movement, that has broad applicability to a range of disciplines

The first unit of the course will provide students with an overview of the basics of dissemination, translational, and innovation research from a broad array of social science sources: including management, anthropology, sociology, political science, social and developmental psychology, geography, decision sciences, information science, public health, and communication. Students will then have an opportunity to apply course subject matter to a variety of specific problems of their choosing.

For more information contact:

INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. J. David Johnson

Department of Communication
230 Grehan Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0042
(859) 257-3621
FAX:  (859) 257-4103
WEB PAGE: (which has a draft of the syllabus of the course)

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